Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implant surgery is a treatment option for men who would prefer a more defined chest contour. This option is particularly helpful for muscle tissue which does not respond well to exercise. The procedure is designed to achieve maximum improvement and natural-looking results when the chest is flexed and also at rest.

The Pectoral Implant Procedure
Implants are inserted under the muscle through a small incision under the arm. The implants are made from a firm silicone, unlike the female breast implants. Local anaesthesic combined with a sedative is generally used for this procedure

Most pectoral implant surgery is done as a day only procedure. You should be up and about on the same day as your surgery, but we recommend rest for the first three or four days. A gradual return to normal activities will ensure the implants maintain their correct position. It may take up to four to six weeks before you can return to the gym.